Buyer Plan

Why Buy With The Graff Group?

The Graff Group_Buyer PlanAs our valued client, we are committed to walking with you towards YOUR goals! We intend on being your lifelong real estate team of choice, and are committed to delivering YOU the best! Whether purchasing a single family home, townhouse or condo, buying a home in Arizona means a comprehensive plan must be in place. Our seasoned team, along with our proven system, will ensure you success with the entire home buying process!

When you choose us to represent you as a buyer, together, we walk with you through these steps:

Initial Consultation

We meet with you to get a clear picture of your ideal home, time-lines, target areas, neighborhoods of where you want to live and your wants, needs, and desires. We will explain the Arizona home buying process in detail and the steps involved. We will develop a strategy and timeline to achieve your goals!

Loan Pre-Approval

We will evaluate your purchasing capacity and determining the right type of mortgage financing for you. We assist you in choosing the best mortgage financing plan and guide you to a mortgage professional, if you are not paying cash. All offers presented to a seller require proof of financial ability to purchase the home.

Customized Home Search

Based on all the criteria you give us, we will create a customized home search with ongoing updates that will be sent directly to you. You will have access to all the inventory in the market that meets your criteria.

Viewing Of Homes

Once we identify which homes meet your criteria, we will privately view these homes and provide you with our expert recommendations on the homes you might have interest.

Making An Offer

Once we’ve found the perfect home, we will advise you on how to structure your offer to purchase in order to achieve the best price and terms possible! We negotiate on your behalf to get the best home at the lowest price. All offers will be drafted through us and presented to the other party by us without the pressure from the seller’s agent.

Vendor Coordination

We will advise and supervise vendor selections and coordinate all vendor services.

Pre-Close Preparations

We will coordinate and supervise document preparation and provide pre-closing consulting.


We will review closing documents, resolve last minute issues, and complete your transaction.

Post Closing

We will coordinate your move in, deliver your keys, and assist with post closing issues, if any.

Throughout…We Represent You!

We represent you and your interests in a manner that is professional and thorough. We negotiate and advocate for YOU, anticipate challenges, and utilize unique solutions to optimize your needs. We organize and keep track of all legal documents and keep you on track with the timelines of the contract, while always representing YOUR best interests before, during, and after the sale.

All This, At No Cost To You!

It costs you nothing to have us represent you as your buyer’s agent! In addition, when considering a new home, there is no financial advantage for you to buy directly from a builder. Builders have a “single price” policy meaning you will be charred the same price whether your interests are being represented by an agent or not. Just as in a resale transaction, the Seller (the builder) pays your Agents fee.

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